Jan 24, 2020

What can you use instead of Google and Facebook?

He has abandoned using the services of internet giants like Google and Facebook and is using smaller rivals, which promise greater privacy. "I'm uncomfortable with the power of the major service providers such as Google and Facebook. We think everything is free, but the cost is our data and privacy," he says. If Google knows everything you have ever searched for, it has a detailed catalogue of your interests, hopes and fears. Despite the alternatives, Facebook is growing at an ever-faster rate, hitting 2.45 billion monthly users in the third quarter of 2019, while the likes of WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, and Google are also still increasing their user bases. "I use ProtonMail instead of Gmail; DuckDuckGo instead of Google Search; Firefox for my browser instead of Chrome; and then Signal in place of WhatsApp," he says.

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