Feb 28, 2020

AI ethics plan agreed by Catholic Church and tech giants

The Roman Catholic Church has joined up with IBM and Microsoft to work on the ethics of artificial intelligence. Leaders from the two tech giants met senior church officials in Rome, and agreed to collaborate on "Human-centred" ways of designing AI. Microsoft president Brad Smith admitted some people may "Think of us as strange bedfellows" at the signing event. Mr Smith said agreeing a universal ethical paradigm on artificial intelligence may prove impossible because across human history people had not agreed a single ethical framework to rule their lives. "When we were first developing AI we were running AI machines in competition with humans and I think we learned from that in certain tasks, certainly machines can beat humans and certain tasks machines can't," he said. "AI is so close to human behaviour and interaction this is really important to get right, so we are really proud to team up with the Catholic Church to get this one right," he said.

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