Mar 17, 2020

'My father kept Parkinson's a secret, I haven't'

LAWRENCE LUSTIG/PDC When sports broadcaster Dave Clark was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the same age as his father - 44 - he knew he couldn't keep it a secret. Although Parkinson's UK said it's very rare for the condition to be passed on genetically, Dave suspected he may have the same illness as his father and visited a specialist. Dave was devastated by the diagnosis, but determined to deal with it differently to his father and not keep it a secret. One of Dave's most poignant sporting moments came during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta with legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, arguably the most famous person to have had Parkinson's. "People with Parkinson's do amazing things. Walk coast-to-coast, or just walk down the shops if you've not walked down the shops for a while."

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