May 1, 2020

Coronavirus lockdown hastens e-book VAT exemption

The price of e-books in online stores is being cut immediately after the government brought forward plans to scrap VAT on online publications. "We welcome the government's decision to remove VAT on e-books due to the current situation, which will benefit readers, authors and publishers," it told the BBC. "For titles where Amazon sets the price, we will reduce the prices of books not already on promotion." The price drop will also affect e-newspapers, although it is unclear whether their publishers will pass the price drop on to consumers. News UK, which offers digital subscriptions for The Times, said prices would initially stay the same. "This exemption, particularly when the industry is facing pressures due to Covid-19, will enable current pricing to be sustained for as long as possible for the benefit of consumers and will maintain investment in the high-quality journalism that our readers rely on."

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