Jun 19, 2020

Apple 'not told' about UK's latest app plans

Apple says it did not know the UK was working on a "Hybrid" version of the NHS coronavirus contact-tracing app using tech it developed with Google. The tech giant also expressed surprise that the UK was working on a new version of the contact-tracing app which incorporated the Apple-Google software tool. Dr David Bonsall from Oxford University, who is an adviser to the NHS app developers, told the BBC the tech giant had made a choice not to support the UK's original model. "Ultimately, a decision was taken by Apple to not support the centralised system that had been in development by the UK from March, and six weeks before they announced their own system under a decentralised model," he said. It's not the first time the government has clashed with Apple over an app - in 2018 an app built to help EU citizens apply to remain in the UK after Brexit was also found to not work properly on iPhones.

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