Jun 22, 2020

Coronavirus: Pret a Manger job cut fears as sales plunge

A leaked video revealing how sales have plunged at Pret a Manger during the coronavirus crisis has raised fears about job cuts at the sandwich chain. Pret stores in the UK, the US and France have been hit hard by lockdowns as office workers stayed in their homes. A Pret spokeswoman said: "As we have already confirmed, at the end of May we appointed advisers to help Pret develop a comprehensive transformation plan to adapt to the new retail environment." When asked what sales Pret needed to make for the company to stop losing money, he said: "I think globally we'll need our sales to get to about 60% to break even." In the same video, Pret's UK managing director, Clare Clough, said UK sales were down almost 90%. "We're creeping up point by point, but we're still sitting around -86% in the UK," she said.

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