Jun 23, 2020

Lawsuit alleges defeat devices in petrol cars

Up to 1.4 million Renault and Nissan vehicles sold in Britain could be equipped with illegal defeat devices, according to a lawsuit being launched today. Harcus Parker says it has seen independent test data which suggests that 1.3 million diesel cars built by Nissan and its French partner Renault may have been fitted with defeat devices. Petrol cars generally produce lower quantities of nitrogen oxides than diesels, and have not previously been shown to have been involved in emissions cheating - although there have been some claims to the contrary. "Nissan strongly refutes these claims. Nissan has not and does not employ defeat devices in any of the cars that we make, and all Nissan vehicles fully comply with applicable emissions legislation." Emissions Analytics, an independent firm which specialises in emissions testing carried out in 'real world' conditions, agrees that the petrol Qashqai does produce very high levels of NOx.

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