Jun 11, 2020

PlayStation 5: Sony to give gamers first look at new platform

Sony will give gamers their first look at the PlayStation 5 during a special event later on Thursday. The event was initially set to go ahead on 4 June, but Sony postponed due to the on-going Black Lives Matter protests across the US. All of the new video games showcased at the event will be played on a 4K TV to give a fully-rounded picture of the console's graphic capabilities. "We can reasonably expect to see first-party software in action from real PS5 hardware," Mark Reed, managing director at Heaven Media told the BBC. "Days of pre-rendered footage and trailers are coming to an end and Sony knows that gamers expect to see real games on real hardware," he added. Timi Ofarn, co-head of gaming platform The Nerd Council, told the BBC that PS5's price point would probably play a key role in determining if Sony could maintain its position as market leader. "In the end I believe it will come down to the games Sony are offering at launch as to whether we'll see a shift in Sony outselling Microsoft," he added.

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