Jul 14, 2020

Former Barclays banker sorry for Staveley ‘tart’ remark

Roger Jenkins apologised to financier Amanda Staveley for calling her a "Tart" and admitted that his then wife Diana had been "Jealous" of the press coverage of her role in a 2008 fundraising by Barclays. The former Barclays banker has been testifying at London's High Court as a witness for the bank in a £1.5bn lawsuit brought by Ms Staveley's investment firm PCP over a 2008 fundraising from Qatar that allowed Barclays to avoid a UK government bailout. PCP, which led a parallel fundraising from Abu Dhabi, alleges that Barclays struck secret side agreements with Qatar and says Abu Dhabi would not have invested in Barclays if it had known that Qatar had a different deal. "Mr Collins put it to him that he had tried to diminish Ms Staveley's role in the Barclays fundraising." Mr Jenkins replied: "No. Ms Staveley fulfilled a very good job as an adviser to Sheikh Mansour." The trial has already heard that Mr Jenkins complained about Ms Staveley taking the limelight from his ex-wife over the fundraising.

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