Jul 12, 2020

Instagram and Facebook to block LGBT 'conversion therapy' services

PA Instagram and parent company Facebook will block the promotion of "Conversion therapy", which tries to change a person's sexuality or gender identity, the social media firm has told the BBC. Campaigners are urging the government to act now on a two-year-old promise to make the practice illegal. In a letter to the government, seen by the BBC and signed by celebrities and charities, Ban Conversion Therapy calls for conversion therapy "Finally" to be made illegal. Since posting a now-viral post on Instagram about conversion therapy still being legal in the UK, Harry received personal threats and hate messages from groups who found his address. "We are writing to urge you to introduce a truly effective ban on conversion therapy for all lesbian, gay, bi, trans and gender diverse people in the UK," Ban Conversion's letter states. Some people who counsel LGBT people in a supportive environment are concerned that a blanket ban of conversion therapy could lead to issues.

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