Aug 11, 2020

'Bullying' Apple fights couple over pear logo

The US small business owner is now battling Apple for the right to use a pear in the logo on her recipe app. In a patent filing, Apple said the image was too similar to its own logo and would hurt its brand. In its filing with the US patent office, the firm says the Monsons' pear logo "Consists of a minimalistic fruit design with a right-angled leaf, which readily calls to mind Apple's famous Apple Logo and creates a similar commercial impression, as shown in the following side-by-side comparison". It asks regulators to reject the Monsons' trademark application, which the couple first filed in 2017 on behalf of their recipe and meal planning app, Prepear. Some of the people reaching out have offered legal and design help, so Mr Monson said he has no plans to back down in the fight anytime soon.

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