Sep 9, 2020

British Airways passengers 'stunned' over cash refunds stand-off

British Airways passengers have told the BBC that they have been refused cash refunds for cancelled flights. Other British Airways customers who were after cash refunds for cancelled flights are also claiming vouchers were automatically issued to them. "British Airways said 'no, that's it, that is what you selected that's what you're getting," he says, meaning he's stuck with a voucher for his £768 return flights to Seychelles. BA says the voucher process is clearly worded but has failed to explain why part of its website appeared to offer a refund but took people to a voucher application form instead. The regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority, says if consumers feel misled then they should open a complaint about their experience, first with the airline and then, if they are not satisfied with the response, they can seek redress via the approved alternative dispute resolution service, which in the case of British Airways is the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution. "Since March we have provided more than 1.67 million customers with cash refunds and more than 1.3 million with vouchers to fly with us that they can use right up until April 2022".

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