Sep 14, 2020

LG Wing smartphone has a swivel screen

LG. South Korean tech firm LG has unveiled a smartphone with a larger screen which swivels out to reveal a second, smaller one underneath. The Wing's second screen can either act independently of the larger screen while it is displaying a film, for example, or can complement it as a controller for gaming and media. "It's a very tricky design to evaluate without using it - it is reminiscent of some of the designs we saw from Japan back in the late 2000s," Ben Wood from the consultancy CCS Insight said, noting it was unlike any of the folding-screen designs that several of LG's rivals have recently focused on. LG said the Wing phone would initially launch in South Korea next month. The hinge of the swivel screen is equipped with a hydraulic shock absorber, and the back of the main screen has a coating to prevent it scratching the smaller screen underneath.

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