Nov 24, 2020

Amazon Sidewalk comes to UK

An Amazon service which uses customers' individual broadband accounts to create a neighbourhood-wide network for local devices to use, is being rolled out in the UK. The Amazon Sidewalk network can be accessed by devices up to 500m away if the home wi-fi is out of reach or not working. It will arrive in the form of a software update and owners of devices which can use it - including the Ring Doorbell and Amazon Echo - have to opt out of being part of it. Only certain Amazon devices will be able to access it - not, for example, individual smartphones. "Sidewalk can also extend the coverage for Sidewalk-enabled devices, such as Ring smart lights and pet and object trackers, so they can stay connected and continue to work over longer distances," it adds. Amazon has published a paper outlining Sidewalk's security set-up.

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