Nov 2, 2020

Tinder: Dating-style app tech for brain scan research

Scientists examining diseases such as Alzheimer's or the mental health condition schizophrenia make use of specialised scans, often magnetic resonance imaging, to map what is happening in the brain of patients. Because brain scans are incredibly complex, it can take an individual expert hours to look through every single scan and consider whether they are good enough to use. PA. Neurowipe teaches users to identify good quality scans quickly - and to reject poor images too - all with a right and left swipe. Using real images of scans taken from patients with Alzheimer's disease, those using the app are being asked to focus on a bundle of nerve fibres deep in the brain known as the fornix, which is thought to be vital in creating new memories. "The image filtering process has been largely automated in recent years but training an artificial-intelligence programme to detect poor quality scans is challenging," said Dr Harrison.

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