Jan 13, 2021

Apple and Google data: Are we staying at home?

People are leaving their homes more than during the first days of the March lockdown, according to data from several sources. Data from Apple's mobility report shows that on the first Friday of the most recent lockdown, people were driving and walking around at twice the rate of the first lockdown. It's worth noting that in both the Google and Apple reports, people appear to be moving around a lot less during lockdown three than in lockdown two in November. It's important to note that increased levels of activity - compared with the first lockdown - don't necessarily mean more people are flouting the rules. Paul Netherton, deputy chief constable of Devon and Cornwall Police, told BBC Breakfast: "I think people are beginning to get fed up with it. I can understand that but we have to be firm, we have to save lives, we have to make sure people are keeping apart, isolating and staying at home."

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