Feb 17, 2021

Amazon sued by New York over 'deficient' Covid-19 response

In a lawsuit, Attorney General Letitia James said Amazon had displayed a "Flagrant disregard" for the rules and illegally retaliated against workers who raised concerns. Amazon faced criticism from workers around the world last year over its response to the coronavirus pandemic. Ms James said her inquiry into conditions at two warehouses in New York City found Amazon implemented a "Deficient" programme to trace the contacts of infected workers and did not follow rules requiring companies to shut and disinfect areas that had been visited by a sick person, among other violations. "Amazon's flagrant disregard for health and safety requirements has threatened serious illness and grave harm to the thousands of workers in these facilities and poses a continued substantial and specific danger to the public health," she said in the filing. "Since the pandemic began, it is clear that Amazon has valued profit over people and has failed to ensure the health and safety of its workers."

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