Feb 18, 2021

Broadband credit score mistake 'cost me thousands'

Omar Khalid says a mistake by his broadband company Virgin Media damaged his credit score for years and cost him thousands of pounds. Mr Khalid paid the money on condition that when he was able to send the equipment back a few months later, he'd get his money back and Virgin Media would remove the debt marker on his credit file. Virgin Media didn't update its database which meant Mr Khalid was still recorded as being £40 in debt and his credit score got very bad, very quickly. In the meantime Mr Khalid's credit score stayed poor, which became a serious problem when he needed a £10,000 personal loan for some home improvements. "Check your credit reports, ideally monthly, so you pick up anything wrong as it happens. Then you've time to correct it, hopefully before you need a good credit score for that next loan, credit card or even mortgage."

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