Feb 23, 2021

Facebook and Google 'too powerful' says CMA boss

Tech giants Google and Facebook have too great a share of the UK online advertising market, the boss of the UK's competition watchdog has said. The Competition and Markets Authority would like regulatory changes to deal with that market dominance, its boss Andrea Coscelli told the BBC. Google and Facebook have faced a number of actions from competition and other regulators in the past. Facebook currently has a more than 50% share of the £5.5bn display advertising market in the UK, which is too much, Mr Coscelli said. "We, in general terms, like to see markets more competitive, with more players, with more diversity of players, because we think that delivers better outcomes." Google has been hit with a number of competition fines by the European Commission over the years, including a €1.49bn fine in 2019 for blocking rival online search advertisers.

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