Feb 26, 2021

'We couldn’t afford fertility treatment so we risked finding a sperm donor on Facebook'

The clinic gave them a list of sperm donors, but Chloe says there was only one available donor in their ethnic group who had not been chosen by other families. Regulated clinics compensate donors for their travel expenses up to a maximum of £35, but it is illegal for them to pay donors for their sperm, according to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, the UK's fertility regulator. Out of "Courtesy" they have told the sperm donor that she is pregnant, but Chloe says that as far as she is concerned he has no rights to the child, and her husband's name will be on the birth certificate. Chloe's donor previously made donations via a regulated clinic, but they restrict donors to a maximum of 10 families and he has already reached this limit. Under a law introduced in 2005, children conceived from donated sperm have the right to contact their donor at the age of 18, but Chloe and her husband have decided not to tell their child how he or she was conceived, unless there is a medical reason.

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