Mar 29, 2021

Historic Amazon union drive set to conclude

The fight is a key test for Amazon, which has faced criticism around the world over its working conditions during the pandemic. Amazon, the second largest employer in the US after Walmart, has long faced criticism over its working conditions. The vote in the US is the first time since 2014 that Amazon has faced a formal union drive in the US. If organisers succeed against the company in Alabama, many pro-union backers are hopeful it will inspire workers elsewhere to take a stand and set a new work standard for its US workforce. Last month, President Joe Biden also appeared to back the drive, in a video that called the Alabama vote a "Vitally important choice" and warned against company efforts to intimidate workers, though he did not mention Amazon by name. Dave Clark, Amazon's retail chief, wrote on Twitter that Mr Sanders should "Save his finger wagging lecture" until he delivers on a promise to raise the US minimum wage to $15 an hour - where Amazon sets its starting pay.

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