Apr 15, 2021

Amazon's Bezos: Union defeat does not bring 'comfort'

EPA. Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has said the company's recent victory in defeating a high-profile unionisation drive in the US did not bring him "Comfort". The comments follow a year of blistering global criticism of Amazon's work practices during the pandemic. In the letter, Mr Bezos said he was proud of the work environment at Amazon, which employs 1.3 million people globally and hired 500,000 people in 2020 alone. In his new role, Mr Bezos said, he would devote some of his attention to initiatives aimed at making Amazon "Earth's best employer" and "Earth's safest place to work", such as a programme that rotates staff to new jobs to avoid injuries caused by repeatedly doing the same physical task. "We have initiated a global debate about the way Amazon treats its employees. Bezos's admission today demonstrates that what we have been saying about workplace conditions is correct. But his admission won't change anything, workers need a union - not just another Amazon public relations effort in damage control," he said.

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