Jun 24, 2021

Apple claims 'sideloading' apps is 'serious' security risk

Epic Games has made no secret of its ambition to create a competing storefront - but Apple does not allow third-party app stores to be downloaded from its own App Store. Separately, Apple is under investigation in the EU, UK, and US over its App Store policies, as an increasing number of developers have spoken out against the so-called "Apple tax" over the past year. The 16-page report from Apple appears to be a compilation of all the tech giant's arguments against relinquishing exclusive control of app sales on its iPhone and iPad platforms. Some developers took issue with the report, suggesting it was cherry-picking or misrepresenting examples, while others ridiculed the cartoons suggesting the thief could be seen as Apple siphoning off its large cut of sales. Marco Arment, a well-known developer behind popular apps Overcast and Instapaper, has previously said he is against sideloading on iOS.But reacting to Apple's paper, he wrote that "The best thing Apple could do to protect the safety and security of iOS touted so heavily in that sideloading PDF [is] lift the most anticompetitive rules".

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