Jun 25, 2021

Is Windows 11 the beginning of the end for Skype?

Microsoft bought Skype 10 years ago for $8.5bn. At the time, it was the tech giant's biggest-ever acquisition, and there were questions over whether it was over-paying. At the same time, mobile messaging apps - such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger - were exploding in popularity and started to introduce video calls, one of Skype's main attractions. Under the hood, she said, Teams actually used Skype's technology for a while. Last September, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn announced it was bringing video meetings to its chat feature using Teams and not Skype, with Zoom and another popular system, BlueJeans, as other options. Alongside the announcement of Skype's relegation to the store, Microsoft also announced that some other much-maligned apps were being downplayed or removed.

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