Jun 7, 2021

Staveley’s PCP refused appeal in Barclays Qatar lawsuit

Amanda Staveley has been blocked from trying to overturn a High Court ruling that her firm lost against Barclays relating to its 2008 Qatar fundraising. PCP Capital Partners was unsuccessful in a lawsuit against the bank this year in which it alleged deceit over Barclays' 2008 capital raising with Qatar. The High Court in London found in February that Barclays had made false misrepresentations to Staveley's PCP and had been "Guilty of serious deceit" but a judge concluded that PCP's overall lawsuit had failed. PCP sought to appeal against the ruling but the Court of Appeal has this week declined to hear an appeal, according to court documents. PCP sued Barclays in the High Court after it found out that Abu Dhabi was not getting the same deal as Qatar which also invested in the bank.

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