Aug 27, 2021

Apple tweaks app pay rules in $100m settlement

Apple app developers will soon be able to email customers and tell them how to avoid Apple's payment systems. Once active, developers will be able to use email addresses gathered from their App Store customers to email them about ways to pay outside of Apple's system. The settlement of the class action lawsuit brought against Apple also involves a payout for eligible developers of anywhere from $250 to $30,000 each from the $100m fund, depending on how many apply and their history of working in the App Store. The Coalition for App Fairness - a cohort of developers set up to campaign against some of Apple's policies, including household names such as Epic Games and Spotify - said it was a "Sham settlement offer". "The updates constitute the latest chapter of Apple's longstanding efforts to evolve the App Store into an even better market place for users and developers alike," it said.

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