Aug 19, 2021

Lizzo: Facebook and Instagram remove abusive comments from singer's accounts

Lizzo, real name Melissa Jefferson, has become a successful recording artist in recent years thanks to hits such as Juice and Good as Hell.However, the release of the video for her latest single Rumours, a collaboration with Cardi B, prompted some negative reaction online. Lizzo told the programme social media was also an important tool in getting her messages out and making sure she wasn't "Erased". Facebook's decision to delete negative comments from Lizzo's accounts was largely welcomed online, and the singer has received support from friends and followers in recent days. "You truly could NEVER understand how hurtful/cruel/vile/unnecessary negative comments can be. Lizzo is a black woman making mostly pop music that faces fat shaming daily," said beauty YouTuber Ashley Devonna. "So Facebook took down comments about Lizzo but she is allowed to run around half naked on social media but no one can comment unless it's nice?" tweeted US radio host LaShaun Turner.

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