Aug 26, 2021

Uber and union bosses to meet after landmark deal on workers' rights

In a joint statement ahead of the meeting, Uber and GMB said an estimated 230,000 drivers are not receiving "Their legal rights" from companies such as Bolt and Addison Lee.However, Addison Lee boss Liam Griffin rejected the claims, saying drivers were "At the heart" of his business. "We guarantee the drivers that work with us get the London Living Wage level of earnings, as opposed to only the National Minimum Wage paid by Uber," he said. Under the May deal between Uber and GMB, the union will be able to represent up to 70,000 Uber drivers across the UK in discussions over earnings, pensions, benefits and their health and wellbeing. Mr Griffin, chief executive of Addison Lee, said a decline in driver earnings and wellbeing across the industry was a "Product of Uber's operating practices and predatory pricing model", which had led to a race to the bottom and threatened driver livelihoods. Responding to the comments, Uber said its drivers were making "More than ever before driving with Uber, so the claim of a race to the bottom is totally untrue".

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