Sep 24, 2021

Facebook Files: 5 things leaked documents reveal

Much of the information comes from Facebook's own internal documents, suggesting the company now has some whistle-blowers in its ranks. According to documents reported by the Wall Street Journal, many celebrities, politicians and high-profile Facebook users had different rules governing what content they could post, under a system known as XCheck. Facebook has admitted criticism of the way it implemented its cross-check system was "Fair" - but said it was designed to create "An additional step" when posted content required more understanding. The documents reported by the WSJ also suggested Facebook employees regularly flagged information about drug cartels and human traffickers on the platform but the company's response was "Weak". David Kirkpatrick, author of The Facebook Effect, told the BBC's Tech Tent podcast that he felt Facebook had no motivation "To do anything to mediate the harms" outside the US."They have plenty of things they have done, including hiring tens of thousands of content reviewers," he said.

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