Oct 25, 2021

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen faces UK Parliament

NBC News reported on a Facebook internal experiment about a fictional woman's new account which was recommended extreme QAnon conspiracy theory groups within two days. Facebook told the outlet such research helped lead to its ban on QAnon in October 2020.Bloomberg published a new piece detailing the internal staff reaction to the 6 January Capitol riots, including quotes from those who questioned why they were still working for the company. CNN reported on Facebook's own analysis of the events around 6 January, in which the tech giant's staff said that while "hindsight is 20:20", the procedures the company had in place were inadequate to stop the "Stop the Steal" theory, which falsely alleged that the US presidential election had been subject to massive fraud. The New York Times published a story about the impact that Facebook's policies have in India, which it characterised as an "amplified version" of the issues around misinformation, hate speech and violence the company faces elsewhere. Facebook has previously denied many of the reports released during the Wall Street Journal's initial reporting, referring to the documents at one point as "stolen".

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