Oct 6, 2021

Whistleblower breaks Facebook secrecy wall, MP says

Facebook's "Wall of secrecy" is being demolished, thanks to whistleblowers such as Frances Haugen, MP Damian Collins has said. "Facebook constantly refuses to allow outside bodies to audit its work and frustrates the efforts of those who try," he told BBC News."For years, it has given incomplete and inaccurate information to national parliaments and, in Mark Zuckerberg's case, refused to attend open hearings outside of the USA."We only know some of what Facebook knows because whistleblowers have shared information of clear public importance. Among documents Ms Haugen leaked to the Wall Street Journal was Facebook research into how Instagram affected teenagers. "What I have been struck by as we have learned more about Facebook's internal research is how consistent it is with my own work and the work of other academics who study how the platform behaves," she said. "I would encourage Mark to read the research, both the internal and external, about Facebook's effect on the world, rather than relying on his own sense of good intention.

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