May 12, 2022

Apple iPod creator warns the metaverse will encourage trolls

Apple's iPod creator has warned the so-called metaverse risks creating more trolls and damaging human interaction. The virtual reality-based metaverse removes the ability "To look into the other person's face," Tony Fadell said. The metaverse is a virtual reality realm where it is envisioned people can create avatars of themselves to interact with others in online worlds. While Mr Fadell said the technology behind the metaverse has merit: "When you're trying to make social interaction and social connection, when you can't look into the other person's face, you can't see their eyes you don't have real humanistic ways of connecting."It become disintermediated and you have the ability at that point to create more trolls, people who hide behind things and then use that to their advantage to get attention. The metaverse has also prompted criticism and concerns over safety due to the ability of people to create and hide behind avatars.

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