Oct 10, 2022

Post Office and Fujitsu to face inquiry over Horizon scandal

"I reported to my line manager and he then reported that to a weekly meeting with Fujitsu Training Services, where both Fujitsu and the Post Office would have been present and glitches would've been discussed," he said. Fujitsu said it has "Been co-operating with the current Post Office Horizon IT statutory inquiry since it began and continues to be focused on helping assist its chair and his team". He doesn't feel there is anything to apologise for since he believes the Post Office failed to inform Fujitsu of the problems with Horizon. The Post Office used evidence from Fujitsu data, and called on Fujitsu staff as witnesses, when it pursued criminal prosecutions against more than 700 of its own staff. The Post Office has said it is "Sincerely sorry" for the impact of the scandal on the wrongly accused postmasters, and that it believes the inquiry will ensure "Lessons are learned".

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