Jul 13, 2023

Microsoft: China accused of hacking US government emails

China-based hackers have gained access to the email accounts of around 25 organisations, including government agencies, Microsoft says. The US Department of Commerce has confirmed to the BBC that Microsoft notified it about the attack. "Microsoft notified the Department of a compromise to Microsoft's Office 365 system, and the Department took immediate action to respond," a US Department of Commerce spokesperson told the BBC. "We are monitoring our systems and will respond promptly should any further activity be detected," they added. China's embassy in London told the Reuters news agency that the accusation was "Disinformation" and called the US government "The world's biggest hacking empire and global cyber thief." Microsoft said the China-based hacking group - which it refers to as Storm-0558 - had accessed email accounts by forging digital authentication tokens required by the system.

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