Jul 5, 2023

Risk of major disruption as UPS strike looms in US

Talks between delivery giant UPS and its workers in the US have broken down, raising the possibility of the first strike from staffers at the firm in more than 25 years. A walkout at UPS could lead to significant disruption to the economy. UPS workers voted overwhelmingly last month to authorise a strike if the two sides failed to reach a deal by 31 July, when the current contract expires. The last time UPS faced a strike was in 1997, when the 15-day stoppage cost UPS hundreds of millions of dollars. In December, Congress was forced to intervene to ward off a strike by freight rail workers in the US. Antonio Rosario, who started working for UPS in New York in 1994, said he was ready for a walkout, especially after the gruelling conditions workers experienced during the pandemic as the company's profits boomed.

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