Sep 3, 2023

Why your burger may not always look like the advert

Burger King has said the burgers it sells do not have to look "Exactly like the picture" and that all the products featured in its advertising materials are "The same burgers served to guests all across the UK". But diners sometimes feel the gulf between the image and what is served stretches credulity. She agrees the online image of Burger King's Whopper - the burger that's at the centre of the US court case - does make it look as though the meat patty is larger than the bun it sits on. In the US case in Florida, Burger King could argue that no-one really expects their burger to look like the one on the poster, he suggests. In 2010, a Burger King advert was banned, again over size issues. "A burger isn't even meant to look like that, like they're in antigravity," he says.

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