Feb 1, 2024

BT customers unknowingly charged for Xbox Game Pass

Some BT customers are being signed up to, and charged for, Xbox Game Pass without their knowledge or consent. Customers have been complaining about the issue on BT's online forums for several months. BT apologised and advised customers to be on the lookout for similar problems. "We're very sorry that the customers mentioned in this article have had Xbox Game Pass Ultimate added to their account without their knowledge," a spokesperson told the BBC. "We recommend that all of our customers remain vigilant and if they notice changes to their account that are suspicious, to contact us as soon as possible to report this." "I logged into my BT account online and saw that they charged me an extra £10 and that money had come out of my account," she told the BBC. "Xbox Game Pass had been added to my accounts without my consent - I thought that's so odd, because I don't even have an Xbox."I actually thought I'd been hacked, so I phoned them up... and they explained that it was a BT error.

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