May 9, 2024

Apple faces celebrity backlash over piano crushing

Apple is facing a backlash online over an advert in which objects including musical instruments and books are crushed into oblivion by a hydraulic press. Apple boss Tim Cook has been called tone deaf for his post on X, formerly Twitter, about the device, where he asked people to "Imagine all the things it'll be used to create". The advert attempts to show what Apple's latest tablet is capable of, such as watching television programmes, listening to music and playing video games, while making the point that the new device is particularly thin. The comments underneath Mr Cook's post on X have been particularly negative, with one person calling it "Extremely distasteful", and another saying it makes them feel "Ashamed to buy Apple products". One user said the new ad was "Almost quite literally the exact opposite" of it, and another said it showed Apple had "Become the faceless culture crashing force they rallied against in 1984".

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