Jun 21, 2024

Horizon is robust, says ex-boss of postmasters' union

The Post Office's Horizon system is "Very robust" and the only scandal is that the company failed to properly defend it, according to a man tasked with representing sub-postmasters. George Thomson, the former leader of the National Federation of Sub-Postmasters, told a long-running inquiry: "The Horizon system is not the scandal, the Post Office stupidity on steroids handling of the situation is the scandal." David Enright, a lawyer who has represented hundreds of people in connection with the Post Office, said Mr Thomson's "Flat earther defence of the horizon computer system defies credulity". Horizon is a software system for tasks such as accounting and stocktaking which began to be installed across Post Office branches from 1999. The NFSP was a trade union - set up in 1897 by a group of sub-postmasters to help their profession - which was changed into a trade association a decade ago after the Post Office did not recognise the group for collective bargaining purposes.

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