Mar 29, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 - but is it art? The internet reacts

The screen monopolises around 80% of the phone's front, by Samsung's count... Like the Note before it, it's pretty impressive how much phone the company has managed to cram into a relatively thin piece of real estate that's 1.5mm slimmer than its predecessor. The device comes with a glaring omission: a physical home button... In forsaking the button, Samsung has beat its major competitor to the punch. In a controlled demo of an early version of Bixby that Samsung showed me last week, I didn't see much promise... I'm also not convinced that talking to your phone is always better than using the controls on the screen, and I'm definitely not convinced this is the solution to Samsung's confusing user-interface problems. Samsung faces gigantic competition in getting other apps, services and devices to join in. I'm not a Samsung fan but good job! Let's just hope they don't have battery issues like the last one.

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