Jul 17, 2017

Lombard: Dame Carolyn’s not so difficult departure

"If I stay . . . 1) Face questions about Brexit every day for 18 months; 2) Face questions about moving jobs to Austria every day for 18 months; 3) Face threats of grounded flights and/or forced share sales from the EU every day for 18 months; 4) Have to beg Stelios to register himself as a Cypriot shareholder every day for 18 months just to avoid point 3. 5) Be wound up by a sweary rival about points 1-4 every day for 18 months." "If I go . . . 1) Face questions about TV advertising, which everyone already thinks is a tough business, once a quarter; 2) Go to conferences in places that are much more nice. And closer to Nice.". As is often the case for easyJet passengers, it can be a lot better to arrive than to travel hopefully.

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