Oct 25, 2017

Thousands share their invisible disabilities on Twitter

Using the hashtag "#InvisiblyDisabledLooksLike", Twitter users across the world with hidden disabilities have been sharing pictures and stories to challenge society's perceptions. Many people live with hidden disabilities - a physical, mental, sensory or neurological condition which don't have physical signs but are painful, exhausting and isolating. A billion people around the world live with some kind of disability according to the World Health Organization, and one US survey found 74% of those with disabilities do not use a wheelchair or anything which might visually signal their disability. The hashtag, started on Monday by Florida-based activist Annie Segarra, is part of Invisible Disabilities Week, which took place last week, to raise the awareness of hidden conditions. Mark Falconer shared his story of having an invisible disability and his experience of how others have seen him.

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