Nov 17, 2017

Jaguar Land Rover tests driverless cars on public roads

The UK's biggest car manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover has been testing driverless cars on public roads. Last October, the first public trial of some autonomous vehicles was undertaken in Milton Keynes where small self-driving pods - two-seater cars - were allowed to navigate around a pedestrianised area in Milton Keynes. I was at a conference recently, full of the great and the good of the driverless car world and I came away thinking that it's going to be longer than I originally thought before fully autonomous cars are commonplace on our roads. "In simulated emergencies, up to a third of drivers of automated vehicles did not recover the situation, whereas almost all drivers of manual vehicles in the same situation were able to do so. In addition, research showed that drivers of automated vehicles took, on average, six times longer to respond to emergency braking of other vehicles compared to manual drivers." It has been testing the fully self-driving cars on public roads in the U.S. state of Arizona.

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