Nov 9, 2017

Trump tweets

Ahead of Mr Trump's arrival, China's Vice Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang assured reporters he would be able to tweet as much as he wants, saying: "We take everything into account on receiving foreign heads of state, so you should have no reservations about Mr President's ability to keep in touch with the outside." China director at Human Rights Watch, told Bloomberg: "If President Trump is able to tweet from China it's because he enjoys privileges President Xi systematically denies to people across that country." If Mr Trump had decided to stay off Twitter in China, it could have been perceived as him being silenced, albeit virtually, by Chinese censorship. Although Mr Trump's Wednesday tweets focused on thanking his hosts for the "Beautiful welcome", adding "Melania and I will never forget it!", he has previously used Twitter to criticise China's currency devaluation, and argue that China has not done enough to deter North Korea from its nuclear ambitions. Chinese state media outlets have enthusiastically picked up on Mr Trump's latest China tweets, and the fact he has changed his header image to one of him with Mr Xi. "Mr Trump was full of feeling after visiting the Forbidden Palace - and even changed his Twitter header photo!" TV station iFeng reported on Chinese microblog weibo, with a thumbs up emoji.

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