Dec 7, 2017

Priyanka Chopra sparks Twitter search for most unread emails

How many unread emails have you got piling up in your inbox? 50? 100? Over 1,000? A photo showing Chopra's 257,623 unread emails on her phone was shared by American actor Alan Powell, who is due to star alongside Chopra in the third season of US action-thriller Quantico. The grand prize goes to Piyush Raka, who dethroned Chopra's record with what would appear to be 381,753 unread emails, a number so high it immediately drew questions of digital trickery from other people on Twitter. A few people were so taken aback by the number of Chopra's unread emails they suggested "You might as well delete your email". So Chopra has just over 2.5 lakh unread emails.

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