Jan 23, 2018

Children 'need to play more to gain work skills'

Children will lack the work skills they need in the future because they are not spending enough time playing, a Lego executive has warned. Instead he said it was now more important to teach children how to learn, and work things out for themselves, with play being one way to achieve this goal. Dr Peter Gray, a US psychologist and professor at Boston College, has argued that the fact children play less has led to an increase in childhood mental disorders including anxiety and depression, as well as a decline in empathy. "In play, children themselves must decide what to do and how, and they must solve their own problems and thereby develop competence and confidence," he wrote recently. Consumer goods giant Unilever and furniture retailer Ikea this week back the launch of the Lego Foundation's The Real Play Coalition, aimed at raising awareness about the importance of play.

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