Jun 22, 2018

Concerns over World Cup gambling ads

Almost every ITV-screened World Cup commercial break broadcast on ITV contains gambling advertisements, BBC research shows. Gambling firms said they too have concerns about how many gambling messages there are during live sport. Craig Jones from the ASA said: "The gambling market was liberalised in the mid-2000s, the one area we don't have control over is the volume of the gambling ads, but where the ASA does kick in is the content and content of the ads." Gillian Wilmot, chairman of the Senet Group, a body set up by bookmakers to address concerns about problem gambling and advertising said: "There is widespread unease in the gambling industry at the volume and density of gambling adverts around live sport, but it is difficult to reduce this in a competitive market unless government decides to act." "This includes responsible gambling messages appearing on screen throughout gambling ads and a multi-million pound campaign that will promote responsible gambling to be launched later this year. There are strict controls in place to ensure children are not targeted by gambling adverts."

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