Jul 14, 2018

Aviva discloses details of how many claims it pays

One of the UK's biggest insurers has unveiled details of how many claims it pays, and why it turns some of them down, in the hope that it can change the perception that insurers try to avoid paying claims. Aviva said it accepted 96 per cent of claims last year, and the other 4 per cent were refused mostly because customers had not paid for add-ons or because the claim fell outside the policy's terms. According to data compiled by the Financial Conduct Authority, UK home insurers on average accept between 92 per cent and 94 per cent of claims. Aviva's worst figures were in income protection and travel insurance, where it turned down almost one in 10 claims from customers. The company outlined four reasons why it refuses claims, most of which were because the specific claim was not covered by the policy terms and definitions or because the customer had not bought add-ons, such as accidental damage cover on an insurance policy.

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