Jan 2, 2019

Missed GP appointments 'cost NHS England £216m'

Patients who miss GP appointments are costing NHS England £216m a year, officials have said. NHS England said cancelling appointments would free doctors, nurses and other professionals to see people who need care and attention. NHS Digital GP appointments data shows more than 1.2 million GP hours are being wasted each year. NHS England said each appointment cost an average of £30 and the overall expense of patients not cancelling appointments could pay for the annual salary of 2,325 full-time GPs. Dr Nikki Kanani, acting director of primary care for NHS England, and a GP in south-east London, pointed out that £216m could also fund about 58,000 hip operations or 220,000 cataract operations. "Dr Richard Vautrey, the BMA's GP committee chairman, said:"Every appointment at a GP practice is precious, especially at a time when GP services are struggling to cope with rising patient demand, staff shortages and inadequate budgets.

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