Feb 20, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Fold: The internet reacts

Now we're being expected to stump up roughlys double that for the entry-level version of Samsung's Galaxy Fold. Claiming industry "Firsts" has always been central to Samsung's branding... However, with the foldable screens only just reaching commercial viability and pricing likely to put both Huawei and Samsung's models out of the reach of all but the wealthiest consumers, the devices are unlikely to affect the race for market share. Apart from potential durability concerns with a device that's constantly being opened and closed, one of the big questions here is how well Samsung and Google have optimised Android for the foldable form factor. It's fair to say that the Galaxy Fold looks far better when it's folded out than being used as a traditional phone. M00SEKNUCKL. The price made my wallet fold closed.

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